Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Garlic Babycorn & Fantastic Four Meme

This is a very tasty chinese dish. It can be served as a side dish with noodles, fried rice or pulao. Or it can also be served as a snack for parties! I have garnished it with home-grown spring onions.


Babycorn -200 gm
Onion -1 chopped
Garlic -2 tbsp chopped
Egg -1 beaten
Red chilly sauce -2 tbsp
Tomato sauce -2 tbsp
Pepper powder -1\4 tsp, 1\4 tsp
Sugar -1\4 tsp, 1\4 tsp
Aginomotto -1\8 tsp, 1\8 tsp
Salt -1\4 tsp, 1\4 tsp
Corn flour -2 tbsp
Maida -2 tbsp
Spring onions -1 tbsp chopped
Oil -1 tbsp, and for frying


Slice the babycorns slantwise. In a bowl, mix egg, corn flour, maida, salt, sugar,pepper powder and aginomotto, adding a little water. Add the babycorns and mix. The batter should coat them well. Fry them in oil till golden brown. Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan. Fry the onions and garlic till it the onion turns light brown. Add red chilli sauce, tomato sauce, salt, sugar, pepper powder and aginomotto. Mix well and add the fried babycorns. Fry for a minute. Garnish with spring onions and serve hot!

Fantastic Four Meme...!

Remya of Spices n' Flovours has tagged me for Fantastic Four Meme. Thank you Remya for tagging me! I am happy to write about myself so that other fellow bloggers can know me better.

4 Places I've Lived

  • Kochi (Ernakulam), the commercial capital of Kerala - where I did my studies till graduation (BSc Chemistry). Got married during the final year, did my Post Graduation (MA English Literature) when my son was 1 1\2 yrs old.
  • Bangalore - where I am staying for the past 16 yrs.
  • Vienna, Austria - stayed there as a Missionary and also worked for PRO-LIFE movement protesting against the Abortion Clinics mushrooming in and around Vienna City.
  • Dubai - still an NRI shuttling between Dubai and Bangalore!
4Jobs I've Had
  • Teaching English to Novices in a Convent in Bangalore.
  • Director of a Company owned by us.
  • Working as a Missionary. I am a member of Spiritual Revival Ministry
  • The role of Super Chef I am playing for the past 25 years!

4 Favourite Places I've Holidayed

(I have visted eighteen countries so far for various reasons, not exaggerating)

  • Toronto and Montreal, Canada - visited Niagra Falls, and also Biodome and Botanical Gardens in Montreal...
  • Holland - a small fishing village called Monnickendam is the best place I have visited so far! Here the sea level is higher than the land.
  • Switzerland - nick named Heaven on Earth!
  • Thailand - Pattaya Beach and the Floating Market in Bangkok...

4 Favourite Foods

My Grandmother and my mother inspired me a lot in cooking. I like traditional Kerala food the most!

  • Appam and Stew
  • Bread and Fish Moly
  • Mutton Biriyani
  • Pazham Pori

4 Places I'd rather be...

  • Home, sweet home! to be at home with my dogs - 6yr old Daschund, Daisy and 9 month old Golden Retreiver, Ginger
  • With my hubby in our new apartment in Dubai...
  • With my son and daughter wherever they are...
  • Help the poor in 4 countries -India, South Africa, Philippines and Papua New Guinea... this is my dream! Please see the kind of work that is being done in India - New Ark Mission

4 Persons I like to tag...


Asha said...

I love Babycorn in any diah, Garlic Babycorn looks great!
Loved your MeMe! So you have grown up kids like very few of us around here! Good to know and a B'lore girl too!:))

sunita said...

Lissie, I love that recipe...great fans of baby corns.

Siri said...

Dear Lissie,

I loved ur fantastic four Meme.. got to know so much u.. "18 countries".. Ooohhh Lala..:).Curious to know all of them dear.. just kidding..:D The Garlic BabyCorn looks amazing..

lakshmi said...

you've travelled so much!!! looks delicious - i love baby corn in any form.

Sirisha Kilambi said...

Lissie.....awesome...what a profile u have...I am very impressed dear :-)
Nice.....Great going...Keep up ur good work :-)
And thanks so much for the recipe too...Looks Yum :-)
Thanks so much for tagging me...I have already taken up this tag and posted in my previous post Lissie......:-)
Anyways....Felt nice after reading ur meme ...It was really nice knowing u Lissie :-)

Mandira said...

Wow, the babycorns look delish Lissie!

Padma said...

Babycorns look so delicious and it was nice knowing ur addtnl 4's

Padmaja said...

love baby corn n the dish as well. yummy!! and hey thanks for tagging me, I already posted one in sept but i am up for another one!! he he!!

Bharathy said...

Wow!!Loved reading the meme Lissie!!What an excellent missionary you are!!!..besides being a wonderful homemaker,mom, wife,cook,Director!!..whoah!!Great!!
bharathyvasu@yahoo.com (looking forward):)


Wow that sounds good...I hav got a new recipe using baby corn!! Thanx a lot..lissie...!!
Liked reading your MEME..!!

Kribha said...

That presentation looks so tempting and drool-worthy. Nice reading your meme. Great to know that you are doing so much to help people. I admire people like you.

Seena said...

Great meme Lissie, glad to know about you very well..
And the baby corn recipe, really it is worth trying..

Seena said...

oh, surprise, when I came back to my site, soon got your comment..:-O

Latha Narasimhan said...

Oh so happy to know that you live in Bangalore!:))
Nice meme! Ofcouse we are all super chefs trying to cook anything and everything that our family asks!:))

Happy cook said...

Love the babycorn dish. Excelent way too, never ever thrie it like this.
Loved you Meme.
Hey and you have visited quiet a lot of countries. Lucky girl

Sia said...

lissie, it was fun reading ur meme and the garlic babycorn recipe is bookmarked(i got to findout good substitute for eggs though:)

Swaroopa said...

gr8! recipe !! will try it some time. nice to learn more about you.

Jeena said...

Lovely meme post your baby corn looks tasty. :)

Cynthia said...

I love your MEME.

TBC said...

Your dish sounds great. I hope to make it sometime soon.

Lissie said...

thanks sunita, siri, mandira and padma for visiting!

asha, you are right. only few of us have grown up kids! i will send you few family photos soon.

sirisha, i didn't know that you were already tagged. you are such a nice person! thanks a lot!

Rachel said...

Your meme is a nice read..18 countries..any food inspirations for all 18..

the dish looks yumm..

Apple said...

Babycorn recipe looks inviting...loved reading your Meme and about the Missionary work...holidaying in 18 countries...lucky Lissie :)...

A kitchen scientist & a white rat hubby!!! said...

hi Lissie..wow!!..enjoyed reading ue meme...wherea re u exactly from Kochi?..me from Vyttila....u've been a super chef for last 25 years!!..my my..me been a saada chef for last 1.5 years..befor that, as i have mentioned in my sections..weas just a chopper and dishwasher..lol...so, when will i ever catch up with u, dear!!

Latha Narasimhan said...


bindiya said...

Lissie, that's by far the sweetest meme I have read!